there's a likelihood of sarcasm in the air

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gosh if you're here then... well i don't even know good luck i suppose??? horrendous writer, i used to art but BLUH

Wellington Alpha Kids!

School Campus Apocalypse!Kaworu - 75%
Amaimon - 15%
Hanji Zoe - 10%
Shinra Kishitani - 65%
Arabian!Haruka Nanase - 5%
69 plays

okay bare with me here but this song is my headcanon davetav song right now

because just imagine dave going into a club and getting his dance on to piss egbert off he’s always asked dave to dance but this time didn’t want to then

dave spots tav in the crowd and just. just yes. this song. sorrysorrysorry brain shut up will you dammit