there's a likelihood of sarcasm in the air

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gosh if you're here then... well i don't even know good luck i suppose??? horrendous writer, i used to art but BLUH

Wellington Alpha Kids!

School Campus Apocalypse!Kaworu - 75%
Amaimon - 15%
Hanji Zoe - 10%
Shinra Kishitani - 65%
Arabian!Haruka Nanase - 5%


This was pretty much my day today hahaha. I had three classes and none of them where that exciting.

So have some Aradiabot.

How do you colour metal. I made it up LOOL

sorry for the shitty camera photo hahaha my camera is a piece of crap <3

i’m just gonna put all of hubby’s shit on to my tumblr so ONE DAY SHE’LL BE TUMBLR FAMOUS and i will weep with joy like a good wife